With Den Baya, let's cultivate self-love and diversity from an early age

For this you can personalize a doll by choosing the color of skin, eyes, hair and clothes!

Vêtements enfants

Carelle Kouyate Den Baya

I am Carelle

I am the founder of the Den Baya brand.
When I had my first daughter, my goal very quickly was for my daughter to feel good about herself, to have confidence in herself, in her intelligence, in her beauty, and that from an early age. I wanted her to be able to see herself through her books, her nursery rhymes, and in this case her toys, unlike me as a child.
Den Baya aims to allow your children to feel represented, to love themselves but also to love others. How? By offering fully customizable dolls.

how i got started
  • "My daughter loves her doll!

    I'm too happy for her. She doesn't let go and no one has
    the right to touch it and the accessories 😍😍😍

    My husband also likes it very much, he who had chosen again, thank you for everything"

  • “When I was little, I would have loved to have a black doll!! And yet I am white, of Italian origin.
    My first daughter, Fiona, who is now 22, is mixed race
    Guadeloupe. I would have loved to give her one of your dolls too!
    They are wonderful !
    So, I'm going to give the mini doll to my little niece (my niece's daughter) who will be 1 year old on December 20! 🥰🥰"

  • But they are beautiful

    I didn't even unpack the other one because it's a gift and your packaging is too beautiful I don't want to damage it 🤣

    But really congratulations for your work, phew, I can't believe it's so beautiful

    You deserve a lot of success inchallah 🙏🏾"

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