Welcome to Den Baya!
If you are on this page it means you want to know more about me and my company!
So take a seat, I'll explain to you how Den Baya was born!

Who am I?

I'm Carelle!


When I had my daughter, I wanted to make her (myself) a blanket where I could bury the bola I had worn during my pregnancy...
As I had some crochet basics I let myself be tempted and went to buy a kit to make a rabbit. It was just to test and see how I was doing.... BINGO! the test was conclusive!

At the same time I would like to say that...
No Carelle shut up! Otherwise people will say that you are arrogant!

So I started making the super super mega beautiful comforter in which I would put the bola.

Everything was calculated:

It would be a comforter that would soothe my daughter since she would find the sounds and vibrations she heard when she was warm in my belly...

Full of passion and love I make this superb rabbit, I slip the bola into it before finishing it, I am so satisfied!


Well, imagine...



that it was only used to decorate her room because the young lady did not adopt it at all... Bruuuuh

On the other hand, I was launched!

I said to myself: "but if I can make animals like that, I can necessarily make dolls! And with all the different variations of wool that I saw in the shop that can choose my skin color!"

So I took my daughter under one arm, my purse under the other and went to the yarn store, I bought all the variations of yarn from beige to dark brown, a few balls of different colors, for the clothes and went home.

I opened our friend to all YouTube and I asked him how to make a crochet doll, after several days (I still had to take care of my daughter a little :) ), a magnificent doll!
A few days later a second sublime doll!

My daughter was quickly covered in dolls!

When she had a billion, I started making them for the children around me...

And a little over a year later I started and created Den Baya.

And Den Baya then?

The Den Baya online store was created with the aim of allowing children to feel represented, to love themselves but also to love others by creating fully customizable dolls. Indeed it is up to you to choose the color of skin, eyes, hair as well as the fabric for the clothes. So you will have a unique doll, handmade and with eco-responsible fabrics.

Browse the site and contact us if you have any questions or comments.